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Advantages of Water Mist Machine Products

Advantages of Water Mist Machine Products

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Water mist machine is a machine that uses the principle of ultrasonic water mist mixing to make smoke stick to the ground and move forward. It can work for a long time. It does not need to use dry ice. The main consuming material is water. It has low cost and will not cause any harm to the environment or human body. It occupies very little space and uses Chinese display to make the operation more convenient and humane. The interface functions include setting smoke output clearance, output time, size of smoke, continuous output and DMX-512 settings. It is suitable for use in large bars, large performances, product launches and other places.

Advantages of Water Mist Machine
1. This product does not need to buy dry ice, the use cost is very low, each time only use tap water and a little fume, and save the time to buy dry ice.
2. Customers can watch the effect of water mist machine in advance. Because dry ice is not easy to store and cost, it is difficult for customers to see the effect in advance.
3. In general hotels, because of the high power ratio of ice dryer, it is very troublesome to connect 220V to 380V power supply. Some hotels simply refuse to use it, while the power of water mist machine is 1200W, and 220V power supply of general hotels can bear.
4. Water mist machine can work continuously. It can be used several times for a celebration or performance.
5. This product is relatively environmentally friendly, generally the smoker is more pungent, and the water mist machine basically has no taste.
6. The difference between the water mist machine produced by our factory and its counterparts is: the pumps are pumped by low pressure pumps in other factories. When the water in the spray box is short of water, the pump will suddenly start and stop suddenly in a short time, so that the pump will be easily damaged. The water mist machine manufactured by our factory adopts physical principles such as gravity and buoyancy, which greatly reduces the probability of damage.

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